OUTENTIN Premium XL insulated dog house

Bestselling Insulated Dog House! Beautiful, modern kennels, that will keep your pet warm, and safe for long, long years. See full offer for the best Dog House on the market!

As part of your family, your pet deserves a space as spacious and comfortable as your own. Your pets will love this minimal design doghouse made from quality materials. Doghouse it’s extremely spacious and durable which means. Your pet will have enough room to lounge around while also being protected from the elements.

The innovative design of the doghouse allows for excellent air circulation.  Each wall is made of dried pine wood, insulated with polystyrene foam. Covered with HOF panels, keeping it warm in colder weather.

The tarpaulin covered roof is incredibly sturdy making it almost impossible for any substances to penetrate.

doghouse house dog outentin

The floor features moisture resistant OSB and breech blocks are attached to the floor which means no direct contact with the ground. One of the best features of this doghouse is its customizable nature. This house comes in multiple different sizes and color schemes so there’s a perfect fit for every pet and pet owner. The pieces are shipped disassembled and unpainted for optimal safety. All parts as well as paint are included in packaging.  You can always add your own personal flair to your dog is new home by introducing colors that match your style.

Bestselling Insulated Dog House from Outentin

In own shop outentin – this stylish, modern and functional doghouse is the perfect addition to your backyard, patio, or any other outdoor and indoor space!

Bestselling Insulated Dog House – Best On The Market