Dog ramp


The animal RAMP is the perfect solution for enabling small, sick or obese pets to enter higher surfaces such as a sofa, stairs or trunk. The ability to adjust will make the ramp can be used in many different ways. 

OUTENTIN pet dog rampDetailed information about the structure RAMP FOR ANIMALS

Thanks to this ramp, all animals that have problems jumping to higher surfaces will be able to freely. Move at different heights. Its design allows adjustment to three levels, so it can be adapted to many surfaces.

OUTENTIN pet ramp

It’s very simple and easy to use construction made of the best materials, which makes it durable and not very susceptible to any physical damage or faults. Dried, sanded beech wood in combination with hardwood plywood, it creates a great-quality form that not only strengthens the ramp, but also looks very good against any background interior design.

To make it even easier for animals to use the ramp, its surfaces covered with a notched carpet that absorbs pressure, does not rub the paws, and most of all strengthens grip, which translates to move up and down freely.

OUTENTIN pet dog ramp

The OUTENTIN pet ramp is an inconspicuous gadget that can be used by many animals for various reasons that prevent them from jumping on, for example, a sofa. Our vision is for it to help an animal small enough, not adapted to high jumps, or are simply young. They can be small breed dogs, puppies, young cats, and even rabbits, rodents or reptiles.

First of all, it will also be irreplaceable help for sick, obese and elderly animals, thanks to which they will be able to move on many levels without risking any injuries when they may have weakened bones, joints or muscles.

The OUTENTIN PET RAMP is the only and unique gadget created and designed with animals in mind and with their individual needs


OUTENTIN pet dog ramp

Length of the folded ramp: 107 cm
The thickness of the folded ramp: 5 cm
Width: 42.5 cm
Weight: 3.5 kg
Carpet flooring: Beech wood + hardwood plywood


OUTENTIN pet dog ramp


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