Teepee dog & cat bed


Give your pet amazing place to sleep. This bed can be used indoor or outdoor. Due to the fact that bed is on rugs it provide your pet from from hot or cold from the base. Raised dog bed elevates your dog 20cm from the ground


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teepee dog & cat bed outentin ecologicSPACIOUS

– Pets may want to play or rest in their own little house, and this tipi is perfect for that.  There is enough space to rest comfortably for medium size dogs and cats.  In addition, this tent can be placed indoors or outdoors.

 QUALITY – The best materials are used for tent sides and oiled wood is rounded off with a long strap. It will allow you to use tipi with your pet for many years. Natural wood provides items with high stability.

USEFUL – This tpiti can be used practically  anywhere, like living room, balcony, garden, bedroom etc. This perfect dog or cat bed can be used inside or outside. Tipi has a cushion which protects your pet from the cold floor.

COZY AND COMFORTABLE – Thick cushion can be taken out and used separately as a soft pet bed. Dick gepolsterte baumwollmatratze für ein besonders weiches und angenehmes tragegefühl. Thick mattress for a particularly soft and comfortable feeling. Protect your pet from the cold floor.

EASY CARE – Both the tent fabric and the cushion are easy to care for. The cushion cover can be easily removed thanks to the zipper and washed in the washing machine if necessary.


teepee dog & cat bed outentin ecologic

teepee dog & cat bed outentin ecologic


Would you like to have a separate room for your pets? Now it is possible with Tipi from Outentin.

Item is possible to be used inside (bedroom, living room etc.), and outside (garden, balcony, terrace) especially in summer when your pet needs a shaded place to rest.

Tipi has been made with the best quality materials and natural wood. To provide you and your pet with the best product for many years. All of the materials used are chosen to not harm your pet’s health. Item is designed according to the new interior style. With the classic style and five-sided design, it attracts animals quickly. The thick and comfortable cushion provides a warm place for your dog, cat or rabbit to play and rest. In addition, the assembly of this pet house is very easy. If you don’t know what to buy for your pet, our tent is a perfect choice.



teepee dog & cat bed outentin ecologic


Because of its closed shape it protects your pet from noises and light, which allow it to rest comfortably. In addition is perfect decoration element to your home.


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